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Windfarm in Estonia takes another important step

The Consumer Protection and Technical Supervision Agency (TTJA) approved the environmental impact assessment (EIA) program of the Saare-Liivi offshore wind farm developed by Utilitas Wind.

Usually, the environmental studies begin after the program is approved. In the case of the Saare-Liivi offshore wind farm, the surveys started already during the compilation of the program and therefore the first year’s studies have been carried out and the initial results are known. The areas suitable for offshore wind farms in the Gulf of Riga were defined by the county plan established in 2017 for the marine area bordering Pärnu County. TTJA initiated the s superficies license for Utilitas Wind’s Saare-Liivi offshore wind farm at the end of 2021. Utilitas Wind’s goal is that by 2028, at the latest, the Saare-Liivi offshore wind farm could be producing environmentally friendly electricity. In the first stage of the development, according to the technical conditions issued by the grid company, approximately 80 wind turbines are planned to be built, with a total capacity of 1,200 MW and expected annual electricity production exceeding 5 TWh. More information...