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Croatia: doubles capacity of LNG terminal

Croatia will double the capacity of its Krk LNG terminal to 6.1 bcm/year and exceed its own energy needs, allowing exports to Slovenia, Hungary or Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Croatia has completed one of its key projects, the LNG terminal in Krk. The floating LNG terminal on the Island started commercial operations in January 2021 with a capacity of 2.6 billion cubic meters (bcm) per year as the first LNG import facility to serve the Balkan region directly. The terminal's capacity has already been increased to 2.9 bcm this year, which already covers the domestic gas consumption of Croatia.

The Prime Minister now announced plans for investments and raising the existing capacity of the LNG terminal on Krk from 2.9 to 6.1 billion cubic meters (bcm) of gas per year.

The capacity of the expanded terminal will go beyond the needs of Croatia's industry and households allowing Croatia to play a more regional role and many countries in the neighborhood, such as Slovenia, Hungary, or Bosnia and Herzegovina, to benefit from diversified supplies.

Croatia could play a more regional gas supply role.


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