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Preparing the first air protection program

Serbia prepares its first air protection program. The Ministry of Environmental Protection has announced a draft Programme of Air Protection with Action Plan that defines air quality goals and measures for their achievement. It also provides a basis for the adoption of the EU legislation in air protection.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection has announced that the draft Programme for the Protection of Air in the Republic of Serbia with an Action Plan sets targets for air quality and measures on how to achieve them. It also provides a basis for adopting regulations and implementing European Union legislation on air protection. The draft was prepared within an EU IPA 2014 environmental project in Serbia.


Air pollution has become a major environmental protection issue in Serbia in recent years. With the start of the heating season, Belgrade, became one of the most polluted cities in the world in terms of air quality. Citizens, environmentalists, and non-governmental organizations are urging the government to take concrete measures to reduce air pollution.

In the new Air Protection Programm three scenarios for air protection have been developed to prepare ways to reduce emissions and evaluate different emission reduction options.

The action plan sets out the activities to implement the measures and achieve the draft's targets. It is prepared for a period of five years until 2026.


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