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North Macedonia takes on renewable energy projects

North Macedonia has presented an investment plan of 8.2 billion euros for the period 2021-2027, including 3.1 billion euros for the energy sector.

The government has concluded negotiations with the German wind developer wpd for the construction of a 400 MW wind turbine worth 500 million euros, which would not receive any incentives. In addition, North Macedonia intends to build a 300-350 MW solar PV project in Štip and a 100 MW solar plant in Oslomej. Several smaller solar plants are also planned, including a 10 MW solar plant in Oslomej, two 10 MW solar projects in Bitola and solar plants totalling 60 MW in Makedonski Brod, Sveti Nikole, Negotino, Brvenica and other locations. In Bitola, a 200 MW gas-fired power plant worth 100 million will be built. Overall, the new investments in renewable energy are expected to help North Macedonia shut down all coal-fired power plants by the end of their seven-year lifespan.

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