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Statkraft builds floating photovoltaic power plant on reservoir in Albania

The Norwegian energy company has installed 500 kilowatts of photovoltaics on floating membranes from Ocean Sun in the first construction phase.

Three more 500-kilowatt floating photovoltaic systems are expected to be added in the second half of the year on the reservoir, which is part of Statkraft's Banja hydropower plant.

The Norwegian energy company Statkraft has completed the construction of the first 500-kilowatt section of a floating photovoltaic plant in Albania with a total capacity of 2 megawatts. For this, Statkraft installed 1536 solar modules on floating membranes from the Norwegian manufacturer Ocean Sun.

According to Statkraft, the Albanian photovoltaic project will enter the second implementation phase in the second half of 2021. Three more 500-kilowatt floating units will then be installed.

The floating photovoltaic plant is being built on a reservoir connected to the 72-megawatt Statkraft Banja HPP hydropower plant. The electricity is expected to be fed into the power grid in return for remuneration. This is possible under Albanian law for photovoltaic projects with a capacity of up to two megawatts.

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