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The return of large-scale PV installations in the Czech Republic

The funds will be awarded through a series of tenders and projects in areas affected by a decline in coal mining will be prioritised.

The Czech Ministry of Environment has launched the SER+ programme, a CZK 4.5 billion (€184 million) rebate programme for solar PV projects.

Each selected project can receive funding to cover up to 50% of the cost of purchasing and installing the PV system.

Of the total programme budget, CZK 1 billion will be allocated to projects with a size of no more than 1 MW and CZK 3.5 billion to solar installations with a capacity of more than 1 MW. For both project categories, the first tender will start on 12 June.

With this new scheme, large-scale solar energy in the Czech Republic is being promoted again after the government abruptly stopped a feed-in tariff in 2011 and later introduced some retroactive measures to reduce the subsidy level for projects operating under the scheme this mechanism. Since then, no more solar power plants have been built across the country.

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