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Onshore Wind power in Poland might get a boost

The long-awaited rules for the construction of wind farms have been announced.

On 4 May 2021, a bill to amend the law on wind turbine projects (also called the "Distance Act" or "10H Act") was published on the Government Legislation Center website.

The amendment drafted by the Ministry of Development, Labour and Technology would generally maintain the requirement that the distance of a turbine from residential buildings be at least ten times its height and that wind farms be based on a local development plan. However, the details of these provisions would change.

Municipalities would be empowered to change the minimum distance for the location of turbines from residential developments based on the local development plan and could reduce the distance to no less than 500 metres. The environmental impact assessment carried out to adopt or amend the development plan would be the basis for determining the minimum distance of wind turbines from residential buildings. In a new provision to protect the residents of neighbouring municipalities, a development plan would also have to be adopted in the areas of these municipalities within the sphere of influence of the wind farm.

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