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GE Renewable Energy completes the Turkish Lower Kaleköy hydropower plant

GE Renewable Energy completed the 500 MW Lower Kaleköy hydropower plant on the Murat River, in eastern Turkey and started commercial operation. GE Hydro Solutions provided three 3 x 155 MW Francis turbines and related equipment for the project.

Turkey has a great hydropower generation capacity. The current level of installed capacity is significant with over 28.8 GW, although there is an additional economical potential of up to 50 GW yet to be tapped.

Lower Kaleköy becomes the sixth-largest hydropower plant by installed capacity in Turkey that supplies more than 1 million people with clean energy. In addition to the Beyhan-1 and Upper Kaleköy hydropower plants, Lower Kaleköy is the third project implemented by GE in the same region on behalf of the Kalehan Energy Group.