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Detail – Energy Country Profile

SLOP2G the first Slovenian green hydrogen infrastructure project

The four entities applied to implement an infrastructure project for green gas and the allying of electricity and gas sectors at the European Innovation Fund.

The four Slovenian energy firms are Plinovodi, ELES, HSE and HSEE They joined forces in SLOP2G to implement the first green hydrogen infrastructure project. Renewable electricity and the surplus of electricity in the system will be used to make green hydrogen and will be converted into synthetic methane. Both will be available for industrial and commercial use and can be injected into the gas transmission network. 

SLOP2G will be applied in two locations and will be distributed through hydrogen pipelines and synthetic methane can be used in the gas lines. The project will establish a trading platform for renewable gases with certificates of origin.

The Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning and the Ministry of Defence are supporting the project.