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Countries of the Western Balkans sign the Sophia Declaration

The countries of the Western Balkans signed the Sofia Declaration that contains a list of actions to work with the EU to become a carbon-neutral continent by 2050. The Sofia Declaration endorses the EU’s draft Climate Law also for Western Balkans (once adopted).

The Energy Community Contracting Parties made a commitment to a number of specific actions. Among others: creating carbon pricing incentives, phasing out coal subsidies, introducing market-based RES support schemes and actively participating in the Coal Region in Transition initiative).

Western Balkan leaders expressed their readiness to take measures and align them with the relevant EU policies setting the flagship goal of achieving climate-neutrality by 2050. They also agreed on the Declaration on Common Regional Market (CRM) – A catalyst for deeper regional economic integration and a stepping stone towards EU Single Market and adopted an Action Plan for the period 2021 – 2024 based on the EU four freedoms.