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Detail – Energy Country Profile

North Macedonia submits its National Energy and Climate Plan

The Energy Community Contracting Parties are committed to adopting the integrated National Energy and Climate Plans (NECP) to address the five dimensions of the contracting Parties Energy Union.

North Macedonia was the first country of the Contracting Parties to submit its plan. While viewing at it as a solid base, the Energy Community Secretariat published 48 recommendations. Among others, the Secretariat recommends to include more information on concrete policies and measures and more concrete indicators on the carbon pricing effects in the final NECP, raise the ambition level of policies and measures related to the transport sector. 

Based on the recommendations, the link between policies and strategies related to digitalization with the energy system transformation should be strengthened. Besides, interlinkages between different sectors and policy areas such as water-energy nexus, food-water-energy nexus, waste-energy, transport/mobility renewable energy should be considered for the final version of the plan.  

Further innovation policies and measures should be introduced for research and development such as for small scale batteries and storage systems such as green hydrogen.

The full list can be downloaded from here: