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Phasing out coal in the CEE region

On 7 October 2020, a webinar titled Coal Phase-out in the CEE region organized by REKK took place, which dealt with the question of how to manage the phase-out of coal and lignite as swift as possible while also ensuring the security of supply, affordable electricity, and a just transition in regions dependent on coal.

The speakers highlighted the importance of the EU policies and initiatives that assist member states and regions in phasing out coal and lignite in their electricity supply and presented recent studies modelling the economic and social effects of coal-phase out in selected EU countries and showcased how Europe’s biggest utilities incorporated these approaches in their strategies.


The conference emphasized the importance of creating an enabling framework for renewable investments and robust energy policies, cross-border cooperation and integration needs to be strengthened, especially in the light of the new EU climate and energy framework until 2030 that envisions a nearly complete lignite and coal phase-out