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Poland aims to achieve 8 GW of solar by 2030

Poland installed around 961 MW of new solar PV capacity in the first seven months of 2020, with this progress, the country reached 2.26 GW of installed solar capacity. Poland aims to achieve 7.8 GW of solar by 2030 as outlined in the National Plan for Energy and Climate.

A report published by Instytut Energetyki Odnawialnej demonstrates how Poland will deploy more large-scale PV. Increased growth is expected between 2021 – 2022 with new capacity 2.8 GW total.

Solar projects above 1 MW account for circa 20 % of Poland’s cumulative PV capacity, with a total of 370 MW, the rest is represented by small PV installations and commercial and industrial PV systems.

The Polish Government plans to auction 800 MW for projects up to 1 MW. It also aims to award 1.5 GW of utility-scale renewables capacity (700 MW will be assigned to PV technology).