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Turkey blends green hydrogen into the natural gas supply to increase energy efficiency

To lower carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency, Turkey will blend green hydrogen into its natural gas supply network for heating

The project is supported by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority with the aim to replace 6% of the fossil fuels with hydrogen produced from renewable sources in the distribution system by the end of 2020. Simulations show positive results and increase in energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions.

The Natural Gas Distribution Companies Association in Turkey completed the preliminary studies and the environmental impact assessment. Research and development activities will be conducted in a testing center in Konya.

The basic share of hydrogen in the study for heating purposes in Turkey is 20%. Therefore, companies are looking into how to make the switch without the need for any significant upgrade in consumer devices. Power output from renewable sources will be effected by changing weather conditions. Using surplus electricity for electrolysis to obtain hydrogen from water is a way to store energy.