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Estonia created more than 100 MW from Solar Parks in 2018

Solar photovoltaic (PV) parks with a combined capacity of 100 MW were brought online in Estonia last year, transmission system operator (TSO) Elering.

Developers rushed to complete their projects before December 31, 2018, the date which marked the end of support for plants with capacities higher than 50 kW. During the last two weeks of the year, Elering registered 165 new solar farms that were ready to start power generation but had to complete some formal procedures with their network companies, the TSO said. According to Elering’s data, Estonia now has over 1,600 PV parks, most of which are small-scale facilities and rooftop systems. Installations in the small-scale sector, of up to 50 kW, will continue to receive support under the country’s renewables scheme by end-2020. The average capacity of the newly-commissioned solar parks last year was 380 kW. The number of facilities exceeding 500 kW stands at over 40. The TSO expects that solar power generation will account for 4%-6% of Estonia’s total renewables output in the next years. That share was below 1% in previous years. Find the full press release here…