Historic fall in coal consumption

Coal consumption sees a dramatic fall worldwide

The reasons for the great decline in coal consumption are rising production of renewables and a weak global energy demand, combined with a decrease of coal consumption in China. 

According to a report published by Greenpeace, global coal consumption decreased in a range from 2,3% to 4,6% from January to September 2015, as compared to the same period of last year. China has reduced its coal consumption by 4% this year, while coal imports fell more than 31%. In the US, coal registered an 11% decline in the first seven months of this year. In Europe, the biggest regress was seen in the UK, where the coal use fell by 16%, aiming to become entirely “clean” by 2020, followed by Germany which registered a decline of almost 1%.

Source: EnergyMarketPrice 9 November 2015

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